Lieutenant James P. Maloney, Trustee • Recording Secretary

Policemens I want to congratulate all our recent retirees. May you enjoy a long retirement. The Chicago Police Lieutenant’s Association Web Site is undergoing changes, please be patient. All retired Lieutenants, contact Terry McMahon, our retiree representative and update your email and contact info for the Lieutenants Association, this is not for the Pension Fund.

The Pension Fund has hired additional administrative staff; we all look forward to working with them and having them work with you.

Here are some numbers, as of this article: Retirees for 2014 were 350, the total retirees for 2013 were 406 and for 2012 there were 570.

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Sgt. Brian E. Wright #1575, Trustee • Vice-President



Let’s all take a collective breath, we are going to need it……..for a number of reasons. First, we are through election season (finally) and now know who will be our friends and enemies going forward in the battle to retain our hard-earned pensions. Second, the Supreme Court will be ruling soon on the constitutionality of Senate Bill 1. Lastly, we are about to enter the Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly.

With the anticipated ruling by the Supreme Court, I believe the re-elected Mayor will be using it as a catalyst to introduce legislation to either re-amortize the payment (lessen the balloon payment due in 2016 and every year thereafter) or create new methods of funding, such as a Chicago casino. While we do not know the exact plan of attack the Mayor has, we do know that he is preparing one to put into action immediately.

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P.O. Michael K. Lappe, Trustee



I would like to think that we are off to an enjoyable summer this year, fishing, swimming, baseball, fully funded pensions, bar-b-q’s, wait a minute. Did I say fully funded pensions?

OK, I’ve been in the sun too long. Here’s what I’ve been really thinking about as your trustee at the Fund.

Every single day I answer calls from members active and retired. One of the disturbing issues we somehow end up talking about is how will pensions be funded in the far away future? Currently, we know through an Illinois Supreme Court’s recent decision, confirmed that pensions cannot be impaired or diminished. Locally here in the city, the city’s lawyers will argue in an attempt to somehow say the city’s mandated pension contributions may need to be adjusted. This is not for the members benefit.

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Kenneth A. Hauser, Trustee • President



Attorney Clinton Krislov sent me the following information that I would like to report to you:

On February 25, 2015, the Seventh Circuit ruled that our State Constitutional claims to permanent healthcare benefits belong in the State Court and remanded the case back to the Illinois State Court. Clint stated that the decision may seem a bit begrudging in its tone but this is a huge victory for us and this round goes to us. He said that we will be beginning again in the Circuit Court of Cook County. While it is likely to be a more favorable forum than the federal district court, the battle is just beginning and the City has shown determination to fight this to the end. He believes this to be a huge victory for us, “that the battle now returns to the field in which we actually might win”. I surely hope he is right because I don’t have confidence in the Cook County Court System. He said we will appear before Judge Martin on April 23, 2015, to get the case moving forward. We are now again at the beginning of what will be a long battle, I’m sure.

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