The City of Chicago has sent the following letter to annuitants regarding their retiree health care plan. Please read this letter if you participate in this plan. Please also note that the information in this letter does NOT pertain to dental or vision benefits. The staff of the Fund has no further information at this time, but updates to the website will be provided as further information is made known to the Fund's staff.

City's Annuitant Health Care Letter Dated May 15, 2013
Letter from the Mayor Dated June 21, 2013

Letter from Mayor Rahm Emanuel

June 21, 2013
Dear City of Chicago Annuitant:

I am pleased to inform you that as a result of legislative efforts made on your behalf, the Illinois Legislature has approved an extension of the pension subsidy for Chicago retiree healthcare through December 31, 2016. Once the legislation is signed by Governor Quinn, your pension fund will continue to contribute $95 per month for non-Medicare eligible annuitants and $65 per month for Medicare eligible annuitants for healthcare, saving you thousands of dollars in healthcare costs in the coming years.

I proposed this legislation and worked vigorously to see its passage through the state legislature. I would like to thank the bill sponsors Representative Barbara Flynn Currie and Senator John Mulroe, as well as President John Cullerton and Speaker Michael Madigan, for their leadership on this issue.

Governor Quinn has indicated to me that he intends to sign this legislation into law in time to allow your pension fund to make its July payments and ensure continued healthcare savings for you and your family.


Mayor Rahm Emanual


How to Update Contact Information

Retired members who have premiums deducted from their pension checks for dental and vision coverage must directly contact Delta Dental in the event of any changes in your status.

Any retiree or widow desiring to enroll for dental or vision coverage should also contact Delta Dental Benefits directly.

Changes and enrollments are not completed nor forwarded through the Fund office. Any changes to your address and/or coverage must be completed by contacting Delta Dental

Delta Dental contact phone number is (800) 323-1743 ◊ Fax (630) 369-4365 ◊ email ◊ Web

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2012 Insurance Rates


Changes to Insurance rates for annuitants for the year 2012 begin on July 1st. The new insurance rates will be deducted starting with the June 30th check.
2012 Insurance Rates [LINK]
City of Chicago Benefits Management Division [LINK]


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