2023 Trustee Elections

The elections to serve a 3-Year Term from December 1, 2023 through November 30, 2026 for a Trustee from the rank of “Lieutenant or Rank Superior to Lieutenant” and a Trustee from the rank of “Sergeant” will take place via online voting from October 10, 2023 thru October 30, 2023.  An independent election firm will administer the elections with all balloting conducted online.

A timeline of the important dates and activities related to the election can be found at the following link:  PABF 2023 Trustee Election Timeline.

Interested parties may print out nominating petitions via the following links:

Hard copies of nominating petitions may also be obtained from the Fund Office from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday beginning August 8, 2023.

Those eligible to vote should monitor their Chicago Police Department email as we approach the election dates for a link to the secure voting website.

Detailed rules concerning the Trustee Election are available at www.chipabf/about.org or at the PABF Office and here: Election Rules.