2024 Spring Trustee Special Election Results

Thank you to all members who voted in the  2024 Spring Special Election to fill the vacancy for the residual term of the Active Police Member Trustee from the Rank of Investigator, Patrolman, or equivalent rank ending November 30, 2024.

The election took place via online voting from April 26, 2024 thru May 15, 2024.  Per the independent election firm that administered the election, the results are as follows:

  • Detective Brock Merck:                 910 votes

  • Officer Michelle Tannehill:             436 votes

  • Officer Junae D. Weathersby:       292 votes


Detective Merck received a majority of the votes.

Per the election rules, Any person wishing to contest the results of the election may do so by providing an affidavit to the Fund’s office signed by the person or persons contesting any election and setting out the reasons why the declared result was inaccurate.  The affidavit must be received within ten (10) days after the results of the canvass have been given the candidate(s).  For this particular election, the 10 day period ends, and therefore any affidavit must be received by, 5PM on Monday, May 27, 2024.

Once any affidavits contesting the results of the election are addressed, or the 10-day period noted above ends with no affidavits received, the Board will vote on a motion to certify the results of the election.  The term of the new Trustee will commence once the results are certified by the Board and will continue through November 30, 2024.

Detailed rules concerning the Special Trustee Election are available at the PABF Office and via the following link: Spring 2024 Trustee Special Election Rules.