Benefit Payment Participant Web Passport

Beginning in April, members who currently receive a monthly benefit from the Fund will have the opportunity to enroll in the “Benefit Payment Participant Web Passport” portal through the Fund’s custodian, Northern Trust.

After completing a secure enrollment process, which involves providing key data elements to create a unique user ID and password, enrollees will have secure access to their payment history, can obtain copies of their 1099R’s, change their tax withholding or direct deposit information as well as update their address and contact information, all online.

For more information, please see the Northern Trust Benefit Participant Web Passport Pamphlet which can be found here.

To enroll, visit northerntrust/bppweb and follow the prompt to register (you will see the link to register on the bottom right-hand of the screen).

For assistance specifically related to enrollment or password resets please contact the Northern Trust Benefit Payment Participant Service Center at 888-259-6835.